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*What is lifetime access? It is unlimited access to all future updates and live content in this program. Ongoing features such as Morning Briefings and/or Price Targets will be updated and guaranteed through 2025. See other disclaimers on bottom of page.

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Comprehensive 10+ Hour Library

In our lessons, you will learn a grounded practical approach to tackling the stock market and performing proper analysis.

Types Of Trades Covered? In traditional Charlie Style: we cover trading strategies for short term plays, medium term swings, and long term conviction holds. 

A Look At What We Cover..

  • Getting Started:  Beginning Concepts, Setting Up A Broker, Mindset, Managing Your Account
  • Technical Analysis: A-Z Breakdown on how to analyze a Stock Chart
  • ​Indicator Education: Learn The Important Indicators & How They Work
  • Scanning: Finding Stocks Using Scanners & Other Methods
  • ​Trading Checklist: Learn How To Analyze A Trade Before You Enter
  • Risk Management With A Trading Plan: Practical steps to creating and carrying out a trading plan.
  • ​Catalysts: Understanding & Trading Catalysts (from Earnings, Biotech FDA Events, To Various Hype Sectors)
  • ​Due Diligence Process: Our consistent procedure on how to analyze & do DD on a stock
  • ​Setting Price Targets: Our guide to setting price targets & our own proprietary template 
  • ​Upgrading & Downtrading Price Targets: Know when to upgrade or downgrade your stock's price target.
  • ​Knowing When To Enter & Exit Trades: Learn the proper techniques for managing trades on short term, medium term, and long term plays. 
  • ​& More... 

Morning Briefings

Posted ~30 Minutes Prior To Market Open

"The goal of the briefings is not to tell you what to trade, but to alert you to where we see the most important, practical, and actionable setups & news" -Charlie

What Do They Include?

  • ​Most Important Market News Of The Day: Did something big just happen and cause a massive rally/dump in stock prices? We'll cover that here. 
  • ​New Catalyst Ideas: Dates On Future Earnings, IPOs, FDA Decisions, & Anything With Trading Potential
  • ​Unusual Movers: We provide the stocks showing unusual activity in the pre-market, suggesting big moves could be ahead.
  • ​Morning Catalysts (our most popular section) : our daily trade ideas based on what is moving & showing proof of concept in the morning. 
  • ​Battleground Criteria: On days where we see appropriate catalysts, we will include battleground criteria such as "potentially a good long or short if it does _______ or _____" 
  • ​Updates On Other Important Trades & Other Actionable News
Most of the plays that Charlie discusses on the ZipTrader YouTube channel first appear on the ZipTraderU Morning Briefings. Get a head look on the most important plays!

Some previews...

Start each morning prepared to tackle the battlefield ahead of you.

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  • Mega Cap Section
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  • High Risk High Reward Section
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Updated whenever we upgrade, downgrade, or otherwise change Price Targets

Instant Access To Our Price Target Formula & Tutorial

"While it is incredibly powerful to gain access to our price targets, our goal is to get you learning to make your own price targets and building your own conviction" -Charlie
  • Download: our most updated & recent Price Target Template
  • Due Diligence: learn how to actually dive into a company yourself
  • Value A Company: learn how to use our template to set price targets
  • ​Upgrading & Downgrading: learn when it may be time to upgrade or downgrade your original price target
  • Rules: learn the rules of our price target strategy in regards to when to buy & sell

Also Includes INSTANT Access To These Resources: 

  • Our Trading Checklist: Extremely Important To Properly Analyze Probability Setups
  • The 7 Step Test: Learn How To Analyze Probabilities Of A Trade
  • ​Our Trading Journals & Spreadsheets: Keep Track Of Your Progress

What Do Our ZipTraders Say? 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Money Do You Need To Start ZipTraderU?
We highly recommend (and wish we could force you) to start with simulated paper trading before you start using real money in the stock market. Most trading platforms offer this function for free. Thus there is no minimum capital requirement to start ZipTraderU nor start learning how to battle in the stock market. 
2. Which Brokerage Accounts Do You Recommend?
The program is filmed using TD Ameritrade's Thinkorswim platform. It is an excellent platform. However we also have setup tutorials in the program for Interactive Brokers, Webull, and Trading 212. You are welcome to use whatever platform you would like though - most offer similar features. 
3. What Are The Time Commitments Of This Program?
The course is self-paced so you can take it whenever you have the time, however we recommend allowing three-four weeks to go through each of the lessons properly. The other features such as morning briefings and private chat should be used regularly if you want to take full advantage. 

Got Another Question About The Program?

All Sales Are Final: Make Sure You Are Dedicated To Joining Us & Giving Our Program Your Best Effort. Due to the intellectual property in our course lessons, private chat, daily morning briefings, downloadable file resources, & price targets - all sales are final. Within the very first modules and resources we reveal information that cannot be unseen and thus we do not offer refunds. 


We reserve the right to revoke chatroom privileges for members who break our common sense rules and/or act in bad faith. We reserve the right to change/update our resources in the program as we see fit based on what we believe is best for our members and/or member feedback. 
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